Black is the Day, Black is the Night recently on view at MoCA Arlington

A belated share but several images from Black is the Day, Black is the Night were recently in the group exhibition Crisis of Image at MoCA Arlington curated by Field Projects Gallery.  It got a lovely write up in the Washington Post.  

FEBRUARY 11 - MAY 14, 2023 
MoCA Arlington

Additional artists: Ayanna Dozier, Melissa Joseph, Lydia McCarthy, Triton Mobley, Steve Pauley, Sasha Rudensky, and Rob Swainston and Zorawar Sidhu

Catalog essay by Kirsten Gill

The artists in Crisis of Image do not seek to escape the image, nor do they seek to make new images. They seek equity in our saturated visual world by developing new methods, strategies, and modes of access in relation to the production of images.

Images have been contested and called impersonators throughout time. Our saturated visual culture has produced new calls for image suppression – but why? One answer might be that the recent abundance of image making technologies has made visual production more accessible. In the 1970s and 80s images were claimed and revitalized by artists whose right to produce them had been historically denied – resulting in the emergence of new feminist, BIPoC, and queer representational strategies. Those efforts were often met with attempts at censorship and repression.

More recently, the overwhelming volume of images in contemporary life has created a new path for suppression, as the sheer abundance of images in circulation buries or represses those that challenge existing power structures. Crisis of Image introduces artists who resist the call for image suppression, focusing instead on developing methods of image transformation and production, creating new strategies for breaking through the visual overabundance of our current moment.

Crisis of Image is curated by Field Projects, a collectively run, artist-centric gallery established in 2011. Field Projects is committed to creating equity and opportunities for artists by placing community support over market profits. Based in Chelsea, NYC, Field Projects features bi-monthly onsite exhibitions as well as satellite shows, art fairs, Field Residency, Field Pod, and online exhibitions.

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